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Action Town Tourney
5-man Open class
May29th, 2005
Just Finshed
5-man Tourney
  Action Town 
Feb. 27th 2005
Open Class
3rd Place

Master Blasters Young Gun X-Ball Tournament Jan18th, March 21st, and May 16th
The kids of team Deadline were very happy to be playing the first event of the year at Master Blasters. So excited, we arrived at least 30 minutes before everybody. But we got situated quickly and walked the fields and were phsyched for our first match. Chris and Matt revolved through the roster in the matches, playing every other game. The day consisted of four matches with three games, points can only be scored with a flag hang. Deadline destoryed the opposistion, maxing out their first match and taking the max. Through the second match we lost one game (but the other team knew deep down inside that they got lucky). In our third match we got yet another max, but our fourth match proved fatal against team Bad Newz Kidz. We were maxed out giving us a third place tie. We lost the tie breaker but it was still an awesome standing considering it was Deadline's first tournament together. We left happy and prepared for our next tournament just two months from that date. On March 28th, Master Blaster's X-Ball field turned out to be a death trap and we lost every match, (even though we were never maxed out) giving us seventh place. A month after Jeff severely sprained his ankle and was unable to play the last tournament in the series. Brian was also unable, so he did not attend either so we were left with only two players that were able to play the tournament. Josh made tons of phone calls and found our third player. Even without the whole team together, Chris and Matt were determined to place fair. Matt took the snake 99% of the time in all the matches to flank out tons of players and Chris got his share of bunkers. We finished fourth in the event and fifth overall. Thanks to the player that helped us out in our last tournament in the series. Now we were ready to play higher class tournaments.

August 1st Action Town Tournament          
The team took a long drive from small gates county to get to this one. Located at Ft. Eusties in Virginia this tournament was defenitelly worth the time. The guys did leave the Dodge truck behind to find the field for ourselves, but we forgive them lol. Chris Josh and Jeff played the first game and maxed the opposition out quickly even though Jeff's gun was showing problems. A pretty good tournament starter. Deadline played the rest of their games pretty well and came out in 4th place, just 15 points away from third!(30 points for just a flag pull). Despite lots of rain and having the tournament cancelled and then re-started (we had already packed up and everything) the guys had fun. Thanks to Lee Hubbard and Steven Toppin for partcipating in the pit crew for this event. I didnt get to play this tournament and ended up in the pit crew as well and on the sidelines.

Master Blasters Open Class 3-Man Tournament August 8th
The team arrived at this familiar field with high hopes. Fresh out of 4th place Novice finish, the team was ready and pumped to play some harcore X-Ball. Some of the guns were having problems and all were fixed except for my tippmann which was totally usless for the first time ever *gasp*. But hey all the awesome shooting electros worked great and were alternated between players depending on their positions. Brian's Impulse, Jeff's Impulse, and Josh/Jim's e-blade cocker were used this time. Each of the teams would only play two matches consisting of 10 minutes playing time. The more games u got into ten minutes the better. We fared well putting eight games into our first match and winning five of them agains Social Disorder Red. Our next match was against Later, the guys that we practice against at Master Blasters so there was no grudges in this match. But the games went by extremely fast, out of ten games Deadline pulled out yet again five flag hangs giving us a total of ten points and placing us in second. A few kind words were said at the awards, cash was handed out and every one went home happy. After all, who dosent love getting payed to play paintball? Thanks a bunch to Justin Gotro and Lee Hubbard for participating in the pit crew, they both walked home with a little extra cash. Thanks to Marilyn Toppin as well for being the "paintball mom" and running out and grabbing food and drinks and stuff and making sure everybody was well fed.

Action Town Open Class 5-Man Tournament Feb 27 2005
Deadline was the only team to walk the field one day before the tournament, so about half of deadline knew what to do, and half didnt. Which helped since we were one of the last teams there and had practically no time to walk the field. Action Town put two fields in the tournament, a extremely small chronic feild and a fair-sized sup air feild. All of Deadline's roster competed in the first tournament of our 2005 season. Our first game was on the chronic feild against a rec-baller team. We felt pretty good about the game but on top of that one of their players had a marker problem so they were stuck playing 4 on 5. Deadline had the max practically off the break and left their first game with 100 points in under 20 seconds. Every other team would max out against these guys too, so nothing special. Our next game was against Smith Vegas on the sup air feild. We broke out with only two guns up but had everyone make their bunkers alive. Matt made a quick bump to the snake, crawled to the end and shot out a couple players before leaping into the opponents twenty with two players left on the opposing team, four left on Deadline. Chris bumped up to the opposite snake and a player tried to run up and bunker him from the back corner but was quickly tagged by both Matt and Chris. The last player was in a corner and was simply pinched out with another win for Deadline. The next game was against Adrenal Kids on the sup-air feild. AK took control off the break and kept it with three bodies alive at the end. A loss for Deadline. The next game, against Southside Empire on the chronic feild would also turn out to be a loss with one Southside player alive. The next game would determine wether Deadline would play in the finals or not, and it was against Armageddon. Deadline pulled it off with two bodies out to make it into the top four. The finals would be played with a ten-minute x-ball match on the chronic feild. Deadline's first match was against Southside Empire. Deadline just barely lost every game except for one, in which Matt pulled off a 3-on-1 but then hung the flag on Deadline's side after bunkering a player out of SD's own back corner. They lost the match and were placed into 3rd-4th while Smith Vegas lost to Armageddon heavily as well to put them in with Deadline. Smith won the first game, then Deadline won the next three, and then after a defensive match Smith snagged the last game but it wasnt enough to win the match, Deadline wins 3-2 and claimed 3rd place. A pretty good finish for the first tournament of the year. Deadline took home some trophies and gear bags as well as some well earned respect. Woohoo!



2004 Season

Master Blasters 3-Man Young Guns X-Ball tournament 1 of 3 Series January 18th, 2004 3rd Place.


Master Blasters 3-Man Young Guns X-Ball tournament 2 of 3 Series March 21st, 2004 7th Place.


Master Blasters 3-Man Young Guns X-Ball tournament 3 of 3 Series May 16th, 2004 4th Place



Action Town 3-Man Novice tournament August 1st 2004
4th place
Master Blasters Open Class tournament August 8th 2004
2nd Place

Master Blasters Open class tournament Dec. 12th,2004

6th Place

2005 Season

Action Town Open Class Tournament Feb. 27th, 2005

3rd Place

Dec 12th Master Blasters X-Ball Tournament

Most of the team spent the entire day before the tournament adjusting their markers and trying to get them to shoot perfect. Chris and Matt picked up their new WDP Angel Speed 05s (even though Chris now shoots a DM4)but had problems with chopping paint as did Josh's Speed and Jim's e-cocker. They found the problem to be not in the markers, but in the paint. The cold weather had made the Chronic 420 paintballs so brittle that they would bust in any marker. But team Deadline had already spent $400 on the paint and they had no choice but to use it in the tournament the next day. Deadline was the first team to arrive for the event in the cold, early morning. Jim and Josh both carried a truckload of kids + their wives to pit and cheer for the team for the first time this year (Jim and Josh only played half of the tourneys this year). We got set up before the other teams as well and were able to be one of the first teams to walk the field. Josh quickly came up with a winning strategy and we took it onto the field in our first match. During the Captain's meeting, we had been informed that there would be three three game matches played instead of the two ten minute matches which team Deadline preferred. Our first match was against Rob's Army B which is made up mostly of Rush, a fairly good team. Deadline broke out quickly into their assigned bunkers but their chopping paint proved to create a fatal ending as Deadline was swept away through all three matches. In their second match against Later, the team Deadline practices most, Later took the first game. In the second game of the match, Jeff Hale and Chris Toppin managed to pull it down to a two on one and Jeff ended it out by running up to the fifty X and shooting the last player in the back then hanging the flag. Later took the last game leaving Deadline with one point so far. After that match, Jim put some money together to purchase a case of Hellfire to use for the last match against Double D, a branch of Southside Empire. With nothing to lose, Matt and Josh schemed up a plan that was more fun that smart. "Everybody goes to the fifty X" Josh told the team. Jim joined Matt and Josh in the first game of the match. The hellfire paint had shown no problems at the chrono so we were looking for a fun match. Everybody broke out hard burning up the field. Jim hit the left side of the X, Josh hit the right and Matt stalled at the fourty to give his team mates time to situate them jumped in with them and ripped a stream under the right side of the X to tag the hotdog player. Josh tagged a player out of the back nipple and Jim tried to bunker the last player, but had to stop to reload on his way there and was quickly tagged. The last player in the opposition scurried up to the thirty tower but Matt and Josh rushed his bunker at the same time. Matt traded out with the player and Josh ran around to find the last player pointing and yelling. There was a lot of controversy in the game, a lot of people said Matt was wiping (he didn't) and that he played on with a hit. Matt insisted the hit was from the last guy when he bunkered him but the refs wouldnt listen. The head ref called a no hang. The second game resulted in a one on one and Double D got the hang. In the third game two of team Deadline and one od Double D were tagged quickly leaving Matt against two Double D players. Matt held his own making two moves up to the fifty dorito before getting snapped out and bonus-balled into submission. We got last place in this tournament, but I strongly believe that the paint was to blame and we would have placed much better with anything other than Chronic 420. We'll do better next time.